Good job, 3 issues were fixed.

8 issues (8 major) were introduced.
18 issues were fixed.
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow A S::findFirstPosition() added
Arrow A S::findLastPosition() added
C B GeographicalNamesInflection improved

Inspected Update codestyle
14 issues (4 major, 10 informational) were introduced.
5 issues were fixed.

7 issues (4 major, 3 informational) were introduced.
14 issues were fixed.
2 new patches (Doc Comments) are available.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A RussianLanguage::isBinaryVowel() added
B C GeographicalNamesInflection got worse

Inspected Update phpdoc
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.

Test Coverage has increased to 90% (+5%).
C D CasesHelper::canonizeCase() got worse
C D MoneySpeller::spell() got worse

2 issues (2 informational) were introduced.
1 issue was fixed.

7 issues (6 major, 1 informational) were introduced.
1 issue was fixed.
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
D B functions.php ➔ detectGender() improved
D C FirstNamesInflection::isMutable() improved

Inspected Update codestyle
136 issues (131 major, 4 minor, 1 informational) were introduced.
3 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has decreased to 85% (-1%).
6 new patches (Doc Comments) are available.
D C GeographicalNamesInflection::isMutable() improved

1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
C D TimeSpeller::spellInterval() got worse

5 issues (5 informational) were introduced.
11 issues were fixed.
C D GeographicalNamesInflection::isMutable() got worse

Inspected Update S methods
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A S::setEncoding() added
Arrow A S::countChars() added
Arrow B S::findLastPositionForOneOfChars() added

4 issues (4 informational) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
1 added class/operation
Arrow B functions.php ➔ getNameCases() added
D B functions.php ➔ inflectName() improved
( satisfactory )


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