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Continuously measure and track your code quality

Code quality management is a continuous process – unfortunately, it cannot be done once and forgotten about. Scrutinizer takes the pain away and helps you make code quality management part of your development workflow. Make your developers happy and your customers even happier.

Project Rating

Average Rating Score

Project quality broken down

The composition of your average score gives you a intuitive, first impression of your project's quality.

Know your problem areas

Knowing problem areas is essential when taking future design decisions or determining when and where to pay your technical debt down.

Worst Operations

Works fine with legacy code bases

Scrutinizer's rating system works very well with legacy code bases. As Scrutinizer continuously inspects your project, it will automatically learn the parts of your code which are under active development and increase their weighting in your average score. No need to change stable code just to make the tool happy!

Want to learn more? Read about our intuitive code rating system.

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