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Powerful tools for measuring and improving code quality for open- and closed-source development projects.

Continuously Improve Code Quality

Improve code quality and find bugs before they hit production with our continuous inspection platform.

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Improve Code Quality

Increase developer knowledge and understanding of code quality issues.

Find Bugs

Quickly identify code improvements and quick wins.

Intuitive Code Rating

Easily track metric changes with our intuitive code rating system.

Trends & Reports

Our weekly quality reports help you track your progress and set goals.


Automatic Inspection of Git pushes, and pull requests of GitHub, Bitbucket or self-hosted repositories.

Safe & Secure

Protecting your data is very important to us. Scrutinizer takes several measure to ensure your data is safe.

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Image of Marco Afonso
Marco Afonso
@scrutinizerci Thank you very much for this fantastic tool. I found a lot of "lost" code to be fixed :)
Image of mablæ
This @scrutinizerci is Jenkis done right! Hook it on github repos like @travisci and get phpmd, jshint & more in the cloud!
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