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Receive actionable code quality issues

Scrutinizer has a comprehensive list of control points ranging from various areas such as critical security issues over best practices to coding-style issues, all with documentation to increase the knowledge of your developers.

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Make quick fixes immediately

Make fixes in changed code immediately while they are fresh in memory. For simple fixes, we even send you pull requests if you like!

Find bugs before production use

Automated checks find potential bugs in your code before it hits production and damage is caused.

Increase your developers' knowledge

You are not left on your own to fix issues, Scrutinizer provides a wide range of documentation for most issues.

Enforce coding standards

Scrutinizer provides a central, authoritative place to enforce coding standards across your entire team, and raises awareness of code quality issues.

No chance for false-positives

Scrutinizer employs smart filtering algorithms which allow you to filter false-positives and only receive the data that is relevant to you.

Super Extensible

You have custom scripts/analyses which you would like to run? No problem, you can execute custom commands in our virtual containers.

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