Inspected Registry adapter
Test Coverage has increased to 74% (+2%).
5 new patches (PHP Analyzer, PHP CS Fixer) are available.
25 added classes/operations
Arrow A RedisCluster::removeAll() added
Arrow A RedisCluster::getSlaveConnection() added
Arrow A RedisCluster::remove() added
Arrow A RedisCluster::set() added
Arrow A RedisCluster::get() added
Arrow A RedisCluster::getConnection() added
Arrow A Registry added
Arrow A Registry::removeAll() added
Arrow A Registry::remove() added
Arrow A Registry::set() added
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Test Coverage has decreased to 72% (-5%).
6 new patches (PHP Analyzer, PHP CS Fixer) are available.
26 added classes/operations
Arrow A Memory::set() added
Arrow A Memory::remove() added
Arrow A Memory::get() added
Arrow A Memory added
Arrow A SimpleStrategy::removeAll() added
Arrow A Memory::removeAll() added
Arrow A ServiceLegacyProvider added
Arrow A ServiceRouterProvider added
Arrow A ServiceRouterProvider::register() added
Arrow A ServiceProcessorProvider::register() added
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Inspected fix cs

Test Coverage has increased to 82% (+1%).

Inspected redis extension
Test Coverage has increased to 82% (+3%).
1 added class/operation
Arrow A Redis::setConnection() added


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