Code Rating/Code Smells


Scrutinizer uses a rating algorithm for the different elements of your code such as classes, methods or functions which combines their different metrics (such as complexity, coupling, cohesion, etc.) in a single rating score.

This allows you to track changes in metrics for your project very easily without verifying each individual metric, but only diving in deeper when and where needed.

The rating is done with the grades A-F; A being the best rating and F the worst. From the individual rating, we compute a weighted average for your project which is based on a scale from 0 (worst) to 10 (best).


Enabling code rating in your project is very easy:

# .scrutinizer.yml

        code_rating: true
        duplication: true

        code_rating: true
        duplicate_code: true

        code_rating: true
        duplicate_code: true