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Push — master ( b3cd52...71bd8a )
by Anton


6 issues (1 major, 5 minor) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
5 new patches (Unused Use Statements, Doc Comments) are available.
33 added classes/operations
Arrow A helpers.php ➔ array_all() added
Arrow A Selector::selectHosts() added
Arrow A Planner added
Arrow A SelectCommand added
Arrow A Task::addSelector() added
Arrow A Task::getSelector() added
Arrow A Task::select() added
Arrow A Task::limit() added
Arrow A Task::getLimit() added
Arrow A Task::saveSourceLocation() added
F B MainCommand::execute() improved
A B ScriptManager::getTasks() got worse
B A RunCommand::execute() improved
B C ParallelExecutor::run() got worse
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▲   + 0.09
Test Coverage
▼ -1%   –   Changes
Anton Medvedev  
Elan Ruusamäe  
Use absolute url for CONTRIBUTING (#2038)