9 new patches (PHP Analyzer) are available.

Inspected udpate docblocks:

Inspected docblock updates

Test Coverage has increased to 100% (+4%).
6 added classes/operations
Arrow A LdapAdapter::escape() added
Arrow A Phpfunc::__call() added
Arrow A LdapAdapter::bind() added
Arrow A LdapAdapter::connect() added
Arrow A AbstractAdapter::checkInput() added
Arrow A Phpfunc added
B D LdapAdapter::login() got worse

2 added classes/operations
Arrow A FunctionProxy::__call() added
Arrow A FunctionProxy added

Test Coverage has increased to 96% (+5%).
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A ExtensionProxy::__call() added
Arrow A ExtensionProxy::__construct() added
Arrow A ExtensionProxy added

Test Coverage has decreased to 91% (-9%).
6 added classes/operations
Arrow A ImapAdapter::__construct() added
Arrow A ImapAdapter::login() added
Arrow B LdapAdapter::login() added
Arrow A LdapAdapter::__construct() added
Arrow A LdapAdapter added
Arrow A ImapAdapter added


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