Excluding files from analysis

By default, Scrutinizer will inspect all files in your project directory. This might include files which you installed (f.e. dependencies). You can fine tune the analyzed files, using the filter configuration:

    paths: ["dir1/*", "dir2/*"]
        - "tests/"               # Everything in a root level "tests" directory
        - "tests"                # Without trailing "/", just ignores a single file name "tests"
                                 # in your root folder

        - "src/*Bundle/Tests/"   # Wildcards can be placed anywhere
        - "*/Tests/*"            # Everything that has a "Tests" directory somewhere in the path

All paths are defined relative to your root folder and are checked in this order:

  1. A file must match at least one path defined in the paths setting. If the paths setting is empty, this will be treated like if it would contain a single path *; that is it would always match.
  2. A file must not match a single path defined in the excluded_paths setting.

Some tools might provide additional options of filtering. These are mentioned in the respective documentation chapters for these tools.

Our configuration doc has more information about how the filter settings works.