Deploying to Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk

We support deployment to AWS EB via the EB Command Line Interface. Simply add the following lines to your configuration:

            key: 'YOUR AWS KEY'
            secret: 'YOUR AWS SECRET'
Tip: Define your access keys on the website and not in your .scrutinizer.yml so that they do not become part of your repository history.

If you want to configure the AWS CLI further, you can add additional environment variables as described in the setting environment variables section.

You now have the AWS EB CLI at your disposal. Here is a small sample deployment script deploy your project into your pre-configured environment.

            branch: master          # you can use either the full branch name,
            branch: feature_*       # an asterisc for e.g. any feature branches
            branch: /feature_.*/    # or the same as a regular expression
                - eb deploy