Automated Code Reviews for Ruby/Rails

Scrutinizer provides first-class analysis of Ruby code. We infer a default configuration for you. You can tweak the defaults by placing a .scrutinizer.yml in your project's root folder.

Automated Checks

By default, we enable code rating, code metrics and duplicate code detection along with some checks for best practices, performance and security issues. The minimal configuration for Ruby looks as follows:

    ruby: true

Open-Source Analysis Tools

If you are already using open-source analysis tools like Rubocop, you can run these in Scrutinizer's build environment, too.

In general, we support all tools that produce results in the common checkstyle format. If you would like to run a tool that produces a different format that we do not support yet, just drop us a line at

Analyzed Files

By default, Scrutinizer will analyze all files ending with .rb in your project. If you have generated code, or dependencies embedded in your project, or would like to exclude your tests from the analysis, this can be achieved easily:

        - test/*

Learn more about excluding files from the analysis.