Good job, 2 issues were fixed.
A B ArrayStore::__construct() got worse

1 failure condition met

2 failure conditions met

Test Coverage has increased to 96% (+2%).
1 added class/operation
Arrow B JsonFileStore::serializeValue() added
A D JsonFileStore::remove() got worse
C A JsonFileStore::getMultipleOrFail() improved
C A JsonFileStore::getMultiple() improved
D C JsonFileStore::unserializeValue() improved
B A JsonFileStore::set() improved

1 failure condition met

Test Coverage has increased to 93% (+4%).
2 new patches (Doc Comments, Unused Use Statements) are available.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A KeyUtil added
C A KeyUtil::validate() improved

Test Coverage has increased to 89% (+8%).
1 new patch (Unused Use Statements) is available.
11 added classes/operations
Arrow D JsonFileStore::readFile() added
Arrow D JsonFileStore::writeFile() added
Arrow A Serializer::serialize() added
Arrow B Serializer::unserialize() added
Arrow A Serializer::__construct() added
Arrow A Serializer added
Arrow A UnserializationFailedException added
Arrow A UnserializationFailedException::forType() added
Arrow A WriteException::forException() added
Arrow A ReadException::forException() added
D A PredisStore::set() improved
A D PredisStore::remove() got worse
D A RiakStore::set() improved
A D PhpRedisStore::remove() got worse
D A PhpRedisStore::set() improved
C B JsonFileStore::set() improved
A B JsonFileStore got worse
A B Project got worse
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Test Coverage has decreased to 81% (-4%).
7 added classes/operations
Arrow A CachedStore::has() added
Arrow A CachedStore::clear() added
Arrow A CachedStore::remove() added
Arrow A CachedStore::get() added
Arrow A CachedStore::__construct() added
Arrow A CachedStore::set() added
Arrow A CachedStore added
B A JsonFileStore::get() improved
D C JsonFileStore::set() improved
B A JsonFileStore improved
B A Project improved
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