4 added classes/operations
Arrow A NumberTest added
Arrow A SearchTest added
Arrow A NumberTest::testNumber() added
Arrow A SearchTest::testSearch() added

Inspected Develop (#598)
11 issues (4 major, 7 minor) were introduced.
7 issues were fixed.
27 added classes/operations
Arrow A Article::publishByCategory() added
Arrow A ConsoleTest::setUp() added
Arrow A ErrorTest added
Arrow A ContentTest added
Arrow A ConsoleTest added
Arrow A SearchTest::testSearch() added
Arrow A SearchTest::testTitle() added
Arrow A SearchTest::setUp() added
Arrow A ErrorTest::testError() added
Arrow A ContentTest::testLayout() added
B D Common got worse
C B Comment::render() improved
A B Common::_publish() got worse
A B Common::_unpublish() got worse
A B Content::_setTableByParameter() got worse
A B Content::_setIdByParameter() got worse
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Inspected Update README.md
5 issues (5 minor) were introduced.
247 issues were fixed.

Inspected Switch to MIT
247 issues (218 major, 29 minor) were introduced.
5 issues were fixed.

Inspected Develop (#595)
20 issues (6 major, 14 minor) were introduced.
17 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has decreased to 79% (-1%).
2 new patches (Doc Comments) are available.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow B Category::_renderList() added
Arrow A Db::getSetting() added
A B Content::_setContent() got worse
A B Comment::render() got worse

1 issue (minor) was introduced.

3 issues (3 minor) were introduced.
1 issue was fixed.

6 issues (6 minor) were introduced.
49 issues were fixed.

49 issues (49 minor) were introduced.
6 issues were fixed.

Inspected Develop (#589)
22 issues (2 major, 20 minor) were introduced.
4 issues were fixed.
27 added classes/operations
Arrow B Dialog::_dialog() added
Arrow B Cronjob::autorun() added
Arrow B Dialog::renderStart() added
Arrow A Router::autorun() added
Arrow A Dialog::prompt() added
Arrow A Dialog::confirm() added
Arrow A Dialog::alert() added
Arrow A Dialog added
Arrow A Control::init() added
Arrow A Filesystem::refreshIterator() added
B A Template::render() improved
B A Comment::render() improved
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