Inspected code cleanup
Good job, 2 issues were fixed.

1 added class/operation
Arrow A TwigController::renderResponse() added

4 added classes/operations
Arrow B ReactTask::handleRequest() added
Arrow B ReactTask::run() added
Arrow A ReactTask::__construct() added
Arrow A ReactTask added

3 added classes/operations
Arrow B ProgressBar::update() added
Arrow A ProgressBar::__construct() added
Arrow A ProgressBar added

Inspected simplify code
C B CLI::confirm() improved

Inspected CLI Input Tools
6 added classes/operations
Arrow C CLI::confirm() added
Arrow A OutputWriter::writeln() added
Arrow A InputReader::readln() added
Arrow A InputReader added
Arrow A CLI::ask() added
Arrow A CLI::askForAnswer() added

4 added classes/operations
Arrow B K23::getColorsFor() added
Arrow A K23 added
Arrow A OutputWriter::getTheme() added
Arrow A Colors added
B A OutputWriter::write() improved

The repository was created.
The repository was created; any changes like new, or fixed issues will be displayed here.
( very good )


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