12 issues (12 minor) were introduced.
10 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has decreased to 8% (-73%).
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A Boolean::getType() added
Arrow A Fake::getType() added
Arrow A Nil::getType() added

2 issues (2 minor) were introduced.
1 issue was fixed.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A ControlFlowGraph::passForeach() added

Inspected Missing variable
1 issue (major) was introduced.
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
C D CheckCommand::execute() got worse
C D CompileCommand::execute() got worse
B A Configuration::getConfigTreeBuilder() improved

Inspected Fix failing test
Test Coverage has increased to 80% (+42%).

4 issues (3 minor, 1 informational) were introduced.
3 new patches (Unused Use Statements) are available.
5 added classes/operations
Arrow A AbstractCommand::getMemoryUsage() added
Arrow A AbstractCommand::loadConfiguration() added
Arrow B AbstractCommand::createParser() added
Arrow A Configuration::getPath() added
Arrow A AbstractCommand added
F C CheckCommand::execute() improved
D F PrintCFGCommand::execute() got worse
B A PrintCFGCommand improved

Test Coverage has decreased to 39% (-41%).

1 issue (minor) was introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
C D FunctionStringFormater::pass() got worse

4 issues (2 major, 2 minor) were introduced.
1 new patch (Unused Use Statements) is available.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow C FunctionStringFormater::pass() added
Arrow A FunctionStringFormater::getRegister() added
Arrow A FunctionStringFormater added

2 issues (1 minor, 1 informational) were introduced.
Test Coverage has increased to 80% (+2%).
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
4 added classes/operations
Arrow A Compiler::getClasses() added
Arrow A ClassDefinition::getMethods() added
Arrow A ClassMethod::getCFG() added
Arrow A FunctionDefinition::getCFG() added
C B ClassMethod::compile() improved
C D PrintCFGCommand::execute() got worse
A B ControlFlowGraph::__construct() got worse
A B PrintCFGCommand got worse

Inspected Fix docblock bugs
4 issues (1 major, 3 minor) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.

Uh, seems like someone is on fire. 119 issues were fixed!

( good )


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