1 issue (major) was introduced.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A AbstractRepository::validar() added
B A AbstractRepository::update() improved

Good job, 5 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has increased to 94% (+2%).

9 issues (3 major, 6 minor) were introduced.
Test Coverage has decreased to 92% (-2%).
1 new patch (Unused Use Statements) is available.
9 added classes/operations
Arrow F Locale::numberToWords() added
Arrow A Locale::siglaStates() added
Arrow B Locale added
Arrow B Locale::translate() added
Arrow A Locale::extensoCurrency() added
Arrow A Locale::extensoCardinal() added
Arrow A Locale::states() added
Arrow A Locale::extenso() added
Arrow A Locale::extensoOrdinal() added

2 issues (2 minor) were introduced.
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
5 added classes/operations
Arrow A BaseValidator::passes() added
Arrow A BaseValidator::getAttributes() added
Arrow A BaseValidator::getMessages() added
Arrow A BaseValidator::makeAttributes() added
Arrow A BaseValidator::makeMessages() added

2 added classes/operations
Arrow A BaseValidator::makeRules() added
Arrow A BaseValidator::__construct() added

1 issue (major) was introduced.
1 added class/operation
Arrow B AbstractRepository::random() added
A B AbstractRepository got worse

Inspected Fix BaseValidator
Test Coverage has increased to 94% (+1%).

1 added class/operation
Arrow A helpers.php ➔ maskCep() added

AbstractTransformer::hasIncludeData() removed
AbstractTransformer::__construct() removed
( good )


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