December 17, 2013 Johannes Schmitt schmittjoh

Enhanced Issue Tracking and Filtering

Advanced Issue Filters

Scrutinizer has offered filtering false-positives since the very beginning. So far, you could only ignore a single instance of an issue; now, it is also possible to ignore all identical issues, or even just similar issues. This is especially useful if a specific analysis does not make sense for your project and does not require you to dig into the configuration:

Tutorial Creating an Issue Filter

Advanced issue filters work for issues from all supported analysis tools. Scrutinizer will automatically learn which parts of an issue message are dynamic and adjust the filterable parameters accordingly.

Better Issue Tracking

So far, our algorithm has mostly relied on Git for tracking issues. This works fine as long as diffs are relatively small and the line, which an issue is associated with, is not changed (even if it’s just a whitespace change or moving a brace around).

We now switched this to a fuzzy matching algorithm which is immune to such changes and can track issues more reliably. In one of your next inspections, you might see a message like “12 issues introduced and 12 issues fixed”. This is caused by the migration to the new algorithm, and should occur only once.

Happy inspecting! :)


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