6 issues (1 minor, 5 informational) were introduced.
6 issues were fixed.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow A ConstNode::setIsString() added
Arrow A ConstNode::getIsString() added

11 issues (3 minor, 8 informational) were introduced.
9 issues were fixed.
1 new patch (Unused Use Statements) is available.
B D Expression::walk() got worse

9 issues (3 minor, 6 informational) were introduced.
11 issues were fixed.
D B Expression::walk() improved

1 new patch (Spacing) is available.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A In::getSql() added

3 issues (2 minor, 1 informational) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
1 new patch (Spacing) is available.
8 added classes/operations
Arrow A Reserved::toInstanceDescriptor() added
Arrow A Reserved::toSql() added
Arrow A Reserved::walk() added
Arrow A Reserved::setBrackets() added
Arrow A Reserved::hasBrackets() added
Arrow A Reserved::setBaseExpression() added
Arrow A Reserved added
Arrow A Reserved::getBaseExpression() added

15 issues (6 minor, 9 informational) were introduced.
10 issues were fixed.
2 new patches (Doc Comments, Spacing) are available.
13 added classes/operations
Arrow A UnquotedParameter::toSql() added
Arrow A UnquotedParameter added
Arrow A Select::getOffset() added
Arrow A Select::setOffset() added
Arrow A StatementFactory::checkLimitDesc() added
Arrow A Select::setLimit() added
Arrow A Select::getLimit() added
Arrow A LimitNode::setValue() added
Arrow A LimitNode::getValue() added
Arrow A LimitNode::toInstanceDescriptor() added
B C Select got worse
B C StatementFactory::toObject() got worse
D C NodeFactory::toSql() improved
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The repository was created.
The repository was created; any changes like new, or fixed issues will be displayed here.
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