Inspected Version 0.70.1
Test Coverage has increased to 33% (+7%).

Inspected Version 0.63.1

Inspected Version 0.60.0
3 issues (1 major, 2 minor) were introduced.
Test Coverage has decreased to 25% (-1%).
B C Request::setUpRequestParams() got worse

Inspected Version 0.57.0
1 issue (informational) was introduced.
4 issues were fixed.
6 added classes/operations
Arrow A Poll added
Arrow A Poll::subEntities() added
Arrow A Poll::getOptions() added
Arrow A DB::insertShippingQueryRequest() added
Arrow A DB::insertPreCheckoutQueryRequest() added
Arrow A DB::insertPollRequest() added
B C DB::insertTelegramUpdate() got worse

Inspected Version 0.56.0
22 issues (2 major, 4 minor, 16 informational) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has increased to 27% (+1%).
2 new patches (Doc Comments) are available.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow B Request::mediaInputHelper() added
Arrow A Request::getCurrentAction() added
B A Telegram::executeCommand() improved
A B Request::setUpRequestParams() got worse

Inspected Version 0.52.0
2 issues (2 informational) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
B C InlineKeyboardButton::validate() got worse

Inspected Version 0.49.0
3 issues (2 major, 1 minor) were introduced.
6 issues were fixed.
Test Coverage has decreased to 27% (-2%).
7 added classes/operations
Arrow C DB::update() added
Arrow B Command::replyToChat() added
Arrow A Command::replyToUser() added
Arrow A CallbackQuery::answer() added
Arrow A InlineQuery::answer() added
Arrow A PreCheckoutQuery::answer() added
Arrow A ShippingQuery::answer() added
B C DB::selectTelegramUpdate() got worse
A B Command got worse
A B BotanDB::selectShortUrl() got worse

Inspected Version 0.48.0
3 issues (3 informational) were introduced.
46 issues were fixed. 1 issue was newly filtered.
13 added classes/operations
Arrow A OrderInfo added
Arrow A PreCheckoutQuery added
Arrow A ShippingOption added
Arrow A ShippingQuery added
Arrow A SuccessfulPayment added
Arrow A OrderInfo::subEntities() added
Arrow A PreCheckoutQuery::subEntities() added
Arrow A ShippingOption::subEntities() added
Arrow A ShippingOption::getPrices() added
Arrow A ShippingQuery::subEntities() added
B A Request::sendToActiveChats() improved
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Inspected Version 0.47.0
5 issues (1 minor, 4 informational) were introduced.
3 issues were fixed.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A CleanupCommand::executeNoDb() added
Arrow A Command::isPrivateOnly() added
Arrow A Command::removeNonPrivateMessage() added
A C Command::preExecute() got worse
C B CleanupCommand::execute() improved

Inspected Version 0.45.0
4 issues (2 minor, 2 informational) were introduced.
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
8 added classes/operations
Arrow A NewchatmembersCommand added
Arrow A VideoNote added
Arrow A NewchatmembersCommand::execute() added
Arrow A VideoNote::subEntities() added
Arrow A Message::getNewChatMembers() added
Arrow A Request::setClient() added
Arrow A Request::deleteMessage() added
Arrow A Request::sendVideoNote() added
B C Telegram::handleGetUpdates() got worse
B A Telegram::__construct() improved
A B Request::setUpRequestParams() got worse

Inspected Version 0.43.0
1 new patch (Doc Comments) is available.
1 added class/operation
Arrow A Telegram::isRunCommands() added
B A InlinequeryCommand::execute() improved
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