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Seamless and tight integration with third parties

Scrutinizer has extensive integration with major code hosting providers. You can create issues in your issue trackers, and if you like Scrutinizer also sends you pull requests for simple fixes.

Integrates with major hosting service providers

Inspections are automatically triggered for pushes, pull requests and can also be scheduled manually.







Create issues in your issue tracker

You can create new issues without leaving the Scrutinizer website right from the compare view or your inspection results page.

Create External Issue Dialog

Find issues in pull requests before you merge them

Scrutinizer can inspect the merged code of pull requests to find issues and bugs before you actually merge the code into your repository. Also, nicely integrates with your favorite testing service.
Pull Request Merge Status
Chat Integrations

Get notifications

Scrutinizer has built-in integration for your favorite communication services to notify you about important events like failed builds, or inspection results.

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