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Continuous security audits of your application

Security issues do happen. We help you find them before any damage is caused.

Thorough, one-of-a-kind security analysis

Our analysis engine tracks the flow of data through your entire application making sure raw request data is not ending up in sensitive places.

Call Graph

Stack traces save you time

Raised issues include stack traces to make debugging, and assessing them super easy. No time wasted on false-positives.

Security Issue with Stack Trace

More than a simple style analysis

Scrutinizer performs more than a simple style analysis for whether you use generally unsafe language features. We track the paths that user data can take through your application, and whether it ends up in security-sensitive functions.

Wide range of detected vulnerabilities

Scrutinizer's security analysis detects a wide range of security including Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, File Exposure, File Manipulation, File Inclusion, Object Injection, Code Injection, Command Injection, and more.

Your dependencies are covered, too

A thorough security analysis cannot be limited to your application itself, but must also include the dependencies of your project. Scrutinizer covers this, too.

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