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A short summary of our features

Measure Code Quality

Raise awareness for code quality with continuous inspections.

Eliminate Bugs

Many checks to find bugs before they hit production.

Analyze Code Metrics

Relevant code metrics simplified and easy to understand.

Enforce Coding Standards

A central, authoritative place to enforce standards across your team.

Filter False-Positives

Less noise and more relevant data for you, so you do not waste your time.

Innovative Code Rating

Code metrics are not black and white, but come in grey shades. Code rating just makes that visual.

Know Hot Spots

Our hot spot analysis presents most critical components on a single page.

First Class Documentation

Issues and bugs are accompanied by first class documentation and examples to help you fix them.

Automated Fixes

Patches for simple issues are provided automatically, or sent as pull requests.

Super Extensible

If you like to add some custom checks, you can do that, too!

All Data at your Fingertips

Metrics, issues, duplicate code or test coverage - all data right at your fingertips when you need it.

Focus on Changes

No information overload, we show you what changed; also works with pull requests!

Improve Continuously

Maintaining code quality is a continuous process, we measure and visualize its evolution.

Code Quality Reports

Raise awareness of code quality in your team with our hands on weekly code quality reports.

SSL encrypted

All data is only sent over SSL encrypted channels.

ISO 27001 certified

Our data centers are certified with the ISO 27001 security standard.

Isolated Environments

All analyses are performed in isolated containers.

Extensive Integration

Integrates with major hosting providers and issue trackers.

Easy to Set-Up

No need to wade through piles of documentation, get your first results in minutes.


Our flexible configuration allows you to tweak almost everything if needed.

Restful API

Integrate Scrutinizer optimally into your systems - we offer a rich API.

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