1 new patch (Unused Use Statements) is available.

Inspected Changelog update
1 added class/operation
Arrow A CryptKey::saveKeyToFile() added
A B CryptKey::__construct() got worse

1 added class/operation
Arrow A CryptKey::fromString() added
B A CryptKey::__construct() improved

Good job, 1 issue was fixed.

Inspected Version bump
1 new patch (PHP Analyzer) is available.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow A RefreshTokenGrant::shouldRotateRefreshTokens() added
Arrow A RefreshTokenGrant::setRefreshTokenRotation() added

1 new patch (PHP CS Fixer) is available.

Inspected Fixes and tests
1 new patch (PHP Analyzer) is available.
6 added classes/operations
Arrow F MAC::determineAccessTokenInHeader() added
Arrow A MAC::hash_equals() added
Arrow A MAC::generateResponse() added
Arrow A MAC added
Arrow A AbstractServer::setMacStorage() added
Arrow A AbstractServer::getMacStorage() added

Inspected Changelog update
Test Coverage has increased to 99% (+1%).
C B ClientCredentialsGrant::completeFlow() improved
( good )


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