Good job, 1 issue was fixed.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A BoundingBox::fromCornerPositions() added
Arrow A Polygon::fromPositions() added
Arrow A Position::fromXY() added

Test Coverage has increased to 100% (+1%).
B A Utils::normalizeLat() improved
B A Utils::normalizeLng() improved

Inspected Add psalm
6 issues (1 major, 5 minor) were introduced.
6 issues were fixed.
C B BoundingBox::fromCoordinates() improved
B A Position::fromCoordinates() improved
B A BoundingBox improved

Test Coverage has decreased to 99% (-1%).
A B Utils::normalizeLat() got worse
A B Utils::normalizeLng() got worse

Inspected CS fix
6 issues (6 informational) were introduced.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow C BoundingBox::fromCoordinates() added
Arrow A BoundingBox::toCoordinates() added
Arrow A BoundingBox::jsonSerialize() added
A B BoundingBox got worse

4 added classes/operations
Arrow A Distance::yards() added
Arrow A Distance::yd() added
Arrow A Distance::inches() added
Arrow A Distance::in() added

1 added class/operation
Arrow A Math::circle() added

LatLng::__toString() removed

Good job, 2 issues were fixed.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A Distance::fromString() added
Arrow A Math::expandBounds() added
Arrow A Math::shrinkBounds() added

Inspected Modernize code
2 added classes/operations
Arrow A Utils::normalizeLat() added
Arrow A Utils::normalizeLng() added

Good job, 4 issues were fixed.
( very good )


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