1 added class/operation
Arrow A Charge::overwriteParent() added
C D FullCombination::modifyCharge() got worse

8 issues (4 major, 2 minor, 2 unknown) were introduced.
1 issue was fixed.
Test Coverage has decreased to 50% (-1%).
8 added classes/operations
Arrow A ChargeType::__construct() added
Arrow A ChargeType::getValue() added
Arrow A ChargeType::ensureValidValue() added
Arrow A WithChargeType::getChargeType() added
Arrow A WithChargeType::as() added
Arrow A Discount::calculateCompensatedQuantity() added
Arrow A ChargeType added
Arrow A WithChargeType added
B C Discount::ensureValidValue() got worse

1 issue (minor) was introduced.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow B FullCombination::sumCharges() added
Arrow A Leasing::createLeasingCharge() added

3 issues (2 major, 1 unknown) were introduced.
Test Coverage has decreased to 51% (-3%).
6 added classes/operations
Arrow C FullCombination::modifyCharge() added
Arrow B FullCombination::chargesSum() added
Arrow A FullCombination::unique() added
Arrow A FullCombination::__construct() added
Arrow A FullCombination::isSuitable() added
Arrow A FullCombination added

Inspected Code style fixes
4 issues (4 minor) were introduced.
5 issues were fixed.

Good job, 5 issues were fixed.

Good job, 1 issue was fixed.

Inspected Code style fixed
1 issue (minor) was introduced.
3 issues were fixed.

Test Coverage has increased to 56% (+1%).
1 added class/operation
Arrow A Modifier::hasAddon() added

4 issues (3 minor, 1 unknown) were introduced.
2 issues were fixed.
4 added classes/operations
Arrow A PercentPoint::getNumber() added
Arrow A PercentPoint::__construct() added
Arrow A Discount::isPercentPoint() added
Arrow A PercentPoint added

Inspected Fixed typo
1 issue (major) was introduced.
1 issue was fixed.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A AggregatorTest::testCalculateCharges() added
Arrow A AggregatorTest::setUp() added
Arrow A AggregatorTest added

1 added class/operation
Arrow A FeatureContext::calculatePrice() added

1 issue (unknown) was introduced.
( very good )


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