Test Coverage has decreased to 69% (-19%).

Test Coverage has increased to 87% (+2%).

Good job, 3 issues were fixed.

Workflow::__clone() removed
Workflow::getInstance() removed
Workflow::destroy() removed

1 issue (minor) was introduced.
1 issue was fixed.

Good job, 20 issues were fixed.

Inspected Remove unused code
Good job, 1 issue was fixed.
1 new patch (Spacing) is available.

Inspected Merge branch 'v2'
20 issues (4 major, 1 minor, 15 informational) were introduced.
6 issues were fixed.
13 new patches (Braces, Spacing, Doc Comments, Unused Use Statements) are available.
146 added classes/operations
Arrow A ChooseTimer added
Arrow A SetupState::stateSubtitle() added
Arrow A SetupApikeySave::apikeySaved() added
Arrow A SetupApikeySave::back() added
Arrow A SetupState::scriptFilter() added
Arrow A SetupState::saveState() added
Arrow A SetupState::stateSaved() added
Arrow A SetupState::stateTitle() added
Arrow A SetupState::back() added
Arrow A SetupApikeySave::scriptFilter() added
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Good job, 1 issue was fixed.

1 added class/operation
Arrow A Timer::reinitializeTimerIds() added

C B Timer::start() improved

Inspected Refactor
Good job, 2 issues were fixed.

Good job, 3 issues were fixed.
( very good )


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