2 issues (2 informational) were introduced.

Good job, 2 issues were fixed.
4 new patches (Spacing) are available.
B A Cache improved

1 issue (major) was introduced.
51 issues were fixed.
B C Style::merge() got worse

30 issues (25 major, 5 informational) were introduced.
34 issues were fixed.
24 new patches (Doc Comments, Spacing, Indentation, Braces) are available.

5 issues (1 major, 4 informational) were introduced.
4 issues were fixed.
1 new patch (Spacing) is available.

1 issue (major) was introduced.

21 issues (9 major, 4 minor, 8 informational) were introduced.
15 issues were fixed.
7 new patches (Doc Comments, Spacing, Braces) are available.
5 added classes/operations
Arrow A PDFLib::getPDFLibParameter() added
Arrow A PDFLib::setPDFLibParameter() added
Arrow A PDFLib::getPDFLibValue() added
Arrow A PDFLib::setPDFLibValue() added
Arrow A PDFLib::getPDFLibMajorVersion() added
B F PDFLib::_set_line_style() got worse
C D PDFLib::_load_font() got worse
D F Text got worse

Inspected fix #1781
1 new patch (Spacing) is available.

2 new patches (Spacing) are available.
3 added classes/operations
Arrow A CPDF::page_line() added
Arrow A GD::page_line() added
Arrow A PDFLib::page_line() added

4 issues (1 major, 2 minor, 1 informational) were introduced.
4 issues were fixed.
4 new patches (Unused Use Statements, Doc Comments, Spacing) are available.
1 added class/operation
Arrow B AbstractFrameReflower::_get_collapsed_margin_length() added
C D Cpdf::addImagePngAlpha() got worse

2 issues (2 informational) were introduced.
2 new patches (Doc Comments, Spacing) are available.
2 added classes/operations
Arrow B Cpdf::o_toUnicode() added
Arrow B Cpdf::o_cidSystemInfo() added

64 issues (22 major, 16 minor, 26 informational) were introduced.
60 issues were fixed.
18 new patches (Doc Comments, Unused Use Statements, Indentation, Spacing, Braces) are available.
5 added classes/operations
Arrow D GD::_output() added
Arrow C Helpers::mb_ucwords() added
Arrow A Cpdf::quadTo() added
Arrow A TableRow::split() added
Arrow A Helpers::buildContentDispositionHeader() added
F C GD::stream() improved
C A GD::output() improved
B D Style::merge() got worse
A B Frame::reset() got worse
A B CPDF::stream() got worse
B C PDFLib::stop_object() got worse
A B PDFLib::circle() got worse
D F Page::check_page_break() got worse
D C TableCell::set_cell_height() improved
D F Stylesheet::_parse_properties() got worse
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1 new patch (Spacing) is available.

Good job, 4 issues were fixed.

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Your code was rated 4.55 (pass).
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There were 2381 issues found.
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