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Configuration has changed

The configuration has changed since Scrutinizer has last run. This page might contain changes that are not related to code modifications.


8 issues (4 major, 2 minor, 2 informational) were introduced.
195 issues were fixed.
4 new patches (Doc Comments) are available.
52 added classes/operations
Arrow B YDB added
Arrow A YDB::get_row() added
Arrow B Options::get() added
Arrow B Options::update() added
Arrow B Options::add() added
Arrow A YDB::remove_plugin_page() added
Arrow A YDB::get_num_queries() added
Arrow A YDB::get_queries() added
Arrow A YDB::set_installed() added
Arrow A YDB::is_installed() added
C B functions.php ➔ yourls_edit_link() improved
A B functions.php ➔ yourls_log_redirect() got worse
A B functions-html.php ➔ yourls_html_footer() got worse
B A functions.php ➔ yourls_get_option() improved
B A functions.php ➔ yourls_get_all_options() improved
B A functions.php ➔ yourls_update_option() improved
B A functions.php ➔ yourls_add_option() improved
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